О компании

REICOM GROUP was founded in January 2001. The company staff included all-round people with scientific education, having a long-standing experience of business work, intelligence services and army. The aim of the company was to provide the Russian customers with the latest technologies and devices in the field of informational security as well as the best service and customer support. This was successfully achieved, and in 2002 the company was already enjoying the well-earned authority and renown on the security market.

Achieved in late 2002, the status of an official distributor of Garrett Metal Detectors allowed the company not only to increase the spectrum of the offered products on the security market, but also to explore a new market of outdoor equipment by offering metal detectors for treasure hunting. The fruitful work yielded good results: over a few years the REICOM GROUP was awarded as «The World Best Garrett Distributor».

The next step on this way was achieving the status of the sole-distributor of Fisher Labs and the opening of our own retail chain Gruntovik. In 2009, while developing this line, REICOM GROUP became a partner of the Bushnell Company, the world-leading producer of optics.

Over these years the company took active part in more than 50 exhibitions and events.

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