In February this year, the company Makro will please us with just three powerful novelties!

The Turkish company Makro produces three models at once in the new line: Kruzer, Multi Kruzer and Gold Kruzer. All of them will be universal detectors and, judging by the declared capabilities, the detectors will exceed the currently available metal detectors. The entire line of Kruzer will be Russified.

It is planned that the devices will arrive in Russia at the end of February. You can buy them on our website. We wait!

Possibilities of devices:

  • Dive to 5 meters in depth. The detectors comply with the IP 68 standard.
  • Ultra-fast recovery speed in 3-tone mode.
  • New function of E.U.D. (Extra Underground Depth)
  • Advanced suppression of electromagnetic interference will allow to work even under power lines
  • Works on all types of soil, including salt beaches.
  • Excellent discrimination and target recognition
  • Built-in batteries last about 19 hours. Also, the detector can be recharged while searching from the PowerBank and has an additional waterproof cassette for AA batteries.
  • 6 search modes
  • Target depth of target detection.
  • Software update via the Internet.
  • Detector weight only 1.4 kg